ENIRA 2006 automated system for controlling apshalt and concrete plants

System for control of asphalt and concrete production plants "ENIRA 2006"

ENIRA Ltd. offers a wide range of automated solutions for monitoring and control of asphalt and concrete production plants.

ENIRA 2006 is powerful industrial control system combining specially developed software applications and the corresponding industrial hardware components – PLC, PC/IPC, HMI and SCADA which are passed on the latest industrial automation technologies.

Our system is designed to optimize your production and to guarantee process safety and product quality. Through our “hands-on” experience and close work with the end user and asphalt plants personnel we have developed an intuitive and user friendly application.

ENIRA 2006 is a modular based control system, which can be modified or upgraded at any time. Different system modules can be selected in order to fit to the application, the system can be also upgraded at any time.

And never the less ENIRA 2006 can be used to control both Batch and Continuous Production asphalt mixing plants.

System overview

  • Latest technology software and hardware.
  • Modular setup.
  • User friendly operator and service screens.
  • Fully automated or manual operating mode.
  • Integrated data archiving and quality control applications. Reporting.
  • Remote access.

Batch Plants

Batch mix asphalt plant is the most widespread type of asphalt plant. The name comes from the fact that the asphalt is produced in batches, in time intervals depending on the capacity of the plant and the mixing specifications.

Continuous Plants

By these plants there is no interruption in the process of asphalt production. Unlike batch-type plants, the mixing of aggregates, filler and bitumen takes place in the dryer drum. The drum, which is considerably longer than a batch-plant drum, is named drum-mixer.

The control system can be logically separated to three main levels:

Field level: including all actuators, motors, electrical wirings, electrical panels and equipment.

Automatin level: consist of the frequency drives, PLCs, HMI panels, Operator Stations.

Management level: Represents the top level of the automation system. Includes the system for data archiving (data base) and acquisition, the reporting system and accounting applications and the remote access tools.

Scheme of the asphalt-concrete production management system ENIRA 2006

Process visualisation and controlling

From the HMI and SCADA applications the operator has access to all plant functions and if logged in with administrator account also access to the plant’s setup parameters and service screens. Both real time and historical data are made available

Historical data and protocols

The automated system ENIRA 2006 has a software module for logging the process data into Database, which allows complete accounting of the manufactured asphalt and material consumption with the possibility of viewing the results in Excel Tables, saving them in PDF files or printing on hardcopy. In this way the plant control system can be integrated into the accounting system of the enterprise.

SCADA screens adapted for various devices - ENIRA 2006 Automated Process Screen - ENIRA 2006 Link to databases - ENIRA 2006 Protocols - ENIRA 2006


Archiving & accounting application

    The software module Archiving & Accounting enables integration of the control system into the accounting system of the enterprise. The process data can be stored in:
  • MSSQL database
  • MS Excel Sheets
  • PDF files

Plant remote access module

Implementing the Remote Access Module allows you to monitor the production process whenever you want. Anywhere, anytime, and any device via an internet connection. The user can monitor the entire process or selected modules, view the production information, or monitor the installation status, such as alarm messages, errors, order management, or archive data.

No matter whether an iOS, Android, or Windows device, the design of the user interface looks the same and is automatically set to the display size of the device being used.

Real-time monitoring - Enira 2006 Real time monitoring
Data Archiving - Enira 2006 Data archive
Order Tracking - Enira 2006 Orders tracking
Adaptive Screens - Enira 2006 Adaptive screens
OS independent - Enira 2006 OS independent


Remote access

    Remote monitoring anywhere at any time over an internet connection.
  • Monitoring production capacities
  • Orders tracking
  • Plant status visualisation


In many cases, technologically outdated plant control systems do not meet the current requirements regarding availability of spare parts, reliability, user interfaces and traceability of manufactured products.

Whether it will be partial or complete renewal of the control, visualization and management systems, our team can advise you and offer you the best solution and approach to improving your system, including designing the complete Electro project and manufacturing and delivering new electrical boards, communication networks, cable routes and wiring.


Our team of specialists can offer you a training program tailored to your production needs. Practice shows that most of the operating problems and machine down time are due to insufficient qualification of operators and service staff. By improving the qualifications of your staff, you guarantee the quality of your production.